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With so many Casino games available to you in the comfort of your own home or on the go using numerous applications, the most fun part is choosing which is your favourite. Here we are going to have a look at a lot of different options that are available to you and determine which online casino Canada games will provide you with the most entertainment.

If you are looking for free online casino games there are a great deal of options available to you

A huge advantage that so many games offer you now is the ability to play for free. Whilst this may not allow you to break the bank immediately, the knowledge you can gain by playing these games for free is huge. Think of it as a practice test before your main exam, it doesn’t matter how many you get wrong but with the free online casino games, it allows you to learn the games inside out before parting with your hard earned cash.

No matter how well you may think you know certain aspects of casino games, when you’re playing free casino games for fun, it may let you learn that little bit extra before playing for real money. Most websites will show you a casino games list that they can provide free casino games for fun only, it can also be an entertaining thing to do with your friends and compete against each other’s high scores.

All online casino games will hold similar themes to a real life casino but maybe an added bonus

Everyone in this day and age likes when they receive something for free so to get casino games free can be the icing on the cake. When playing casino games online work out what it is you are actually looking to get out of the casino online games. When entering a site, take a look at the list of casino games available. Slots are an extremely popular choice as although it being only one topic of games, the variety of the slots on the casino free games options far outnumbers most other casino games for free.

Some sites may wish for you to register before you can learn more about what games are available for free and what games require real money but this is normally easily found out upon visiting the page.

When searching for casino games free be sure to have a look at more than one casino to enhance your options

With so many casinos offering free casino games for fun only, it’s important that you take the time to choose which site is going to give you the most entertainment for free casino games online or a theme you may prefer. A lot of companies will give you the option of free casino games no download, giving you the added advantage of not having to add any further programs to your computer, tablet or phone.

All online casino games are designed to provide you with fun, entertainment and the ability to win, whether playing free casino games online or playing for real money.

Here we will break down which casino games online are available and roughly how to play them

So with so many options available to you, how do you find out which is the game for you to kill off a lunch hour or to sit down with your friends for hours of fun, let’s take a look at what sort of games are available to you:

Slots– Slots, slot machines, fruit machines, one arm bandits and the names keep going. There are thousands of different slots games available. All of them will hold the same overall theme that you need to match so many icons to win. What will differ considerably is how you can win. The number of win lines can vary, sometimes depending on the game, sometimes depending on the stake, the more win lines, the higher percentage you have of winning. Simple. Also, different slots will offer different bonus’s, free spins etc so another advantage of playing free games casino before playing using real money.

Blackjack – One of the more simplistic card games that won’t take you long to learn. There are different variations of the game but the most common is to beat the dealer by scoring as close to 21 as possible with 2 or more cards. The dealer normally has to get a minimum of 16 before he / she can stick whereas the player can stick on whatever they choose to. It’s a fun game to play live which a lot of casinos do give you the option of.

Poker – This game has so many different variations of itself that it would be impossible to talk you though all forms so we will look to write a separate page on the poker option. What aspects tend to remain throughout is that you are playing against other members. It isn’t always the person with the best hand that will win due to the numerous rounds of betting that occurs in each game. This will allow everyone at the table to rely on different strategies and their ability to bluff their opponents, meaning some players with the better hands will fold meaning you are never out of a game as long as you have an unreadable face and a steady hand.

Roulette - In a live casino you will approach the roulette wheel with a sense of excitement, there always tends to be an electric atmosphere around this game of luck and it really does give you that Vegas feeling. The aim of the game is to guess where the ball will land once it has been spun around the wheel. There are 37-38 pockets on the wheel depending on whether you are playing the European/French version or the American version. You can bet on a specific number, you can bet on a colour (all numbers are split between red and black with 0 being green) or you can bet on odd or even. There are other options within the gambling i.e groups of numbers. Obviously picking a specific number will give you the highest odds and by putting a fairly decent sized wager on that, if it comes in you can win a fortune. The term go big or go home is used frequently when placing a bet here.

So, when playing any of these games initially, we always recommend to try free casino games for fun

So here we have looked at the best ways to get the most out of your games and wins. If at any point during your game play you wish to find out how to win a certain prize, if the jackpots are progressive jackpots, what symbols you need on certain reels to get the bonuses available on that game, what games are hot, how many paylines there are on a certain slot game or a million different other questions, remember that help is never far away. The casinos will always make time for their customers and they do try, where possible, to provide you with anything you need to make your gaming more enjoyable with them. The customer support team has a lot of experience and they have a lot of knowledge from different games all over the world. Although most games are a game of chance, you will always like being made to feel you are a valued and golden customer of theirs and at times, when they can provide you with offers that are not available at first glance, it does leave you feeling the little more appreciated.

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