Blackjack online is one of the most popular online casino games

Beat the Dealer blackjack

Blackjack is a mainstay of all casinos around the world and you can learn more here about the black jack online free games to help you master the rules and ways of winning.

As with most similar games, to get an exact date of when people began playing it is difficult but it is recorded as far back as the 1700#s in France where it was known as Vingt et Un which is French for 21. It became an extremely popular game during World War I and has grown in popularity ever since. It is a very simplistic game with easy to follow rules which is probably the reason that a lot of parents have played this at one time or another with their young children. We bring you here the different variations of the Casino games, as well as the classic rules game to bring the fun and anticipation of the free blackjack game into your house.

It is important to ensure you read the rules before playing online blackjack as these can vary between casinos

Although the premise behind Blackjack is very simple, with most casinos that offer blackjack online, they offer multiple games where rules can differ between each type.

The long and short of it is that you are playing against the dealer, regardless how many other people are around the table, your aim is to beat the dealer. Blackjack online follows exactly the same rules. The aim of the game is to get as close to or exactly 21 using two or more cards. All picture cards count as a 10 and an Ace can be either 1 or 11, that is your choice. All players are dealt two cards initially, as is the dealer. There is no base limit to what a player has to stand on however the dealer must get over 16 before they can stand. You will see both of your initial cards whilst also seeing one of the dealers before you decide to stand (take no further cards) or hit (request a further card to try to get closer to the total of 21) so it does give the player an advantage by knowing 50% of the dealers hand from the start. There are other parts of the game that can increase your winnings, offer certain protection and we will cover that as we go along.

So how does online blackjack Canada compare to the real thrill of playing in an actual Casino?

With online blackjack you get all of the excitement of the game itself without having to leave your bubble. Some people find it easier to use blackjack online for money rather than having to get themselves dolled up, jump into a taxi into town and then spend the night in a casino full of people they don’t know and they may find annoying. This is why online blackjack Canada has grown massively in popularity year after year. There are many casinos that offer live blackjack online and while many will claim to be the best online blackjack a lot of it will come down to your personal opinion so it is worthwhile having a look around at different options to find out which live blackjack online is the best one for you. A good way of doing this is to trial blackjack online for fun. Most Casinos will give you the option to play blackjack online free, allowing you to accustom yourself with the rules on that particular table, try out as many hands as you like and get a feel for it before parting with real money. When you are confident and happy with the rules, then you can enjoy blackjack online real money and hopefully, take the dealer to the cleaners.

Is there a way to determine which casinos do genuinely offer the best online blackjack or is it chance

As with most things in life the best of anything is subject to opinion. It is always worthwhile trying to play blackjack online for fun. By using blackjack online free, you are giving yourself the time to become accustomed to the different rules on different tables. As mentioned previously, although the main rules of the game stay the same, there are different extras that can come into play so by utilising online blackjack free you can learn these rules giving you a higher chance of winning when playing for real money at blackjack online Canada. Casinos give you the option to play blackjack online free for a reason so it is always a good idea to utilise that and take full advantage of it.

There is no rush to start blackjack online for money, take your time in getting to that stage

Now you’ve done your research, you’ve played numerous styles of free online blackjack and you’re ready to join the big table with the real money and start proving that you are the card shark you always knew you’d be. So now we have the basic rules down, we’ll look into some of the other options available to you:

Insurance – The dealer has dealt the cards out, you’ve seen you have a decent hand, you glance up to look at the dealers card at the one card that is face up is an Ace. Now you have to think what his chances are of having one of the 16 cards that hold a 10 total, hence giving him blackjack. At this point you can put insurance down. The insurance works as a side bet. It will allow you to bet up to 50% of your original bet so should the dealer get Blackjack, you will then receive double the amount of your half bet thus protecting your initial wager.

Splitting pairs – If you receive a pair, you also receive the option to split them into 2 hands. Your initial bet will be held against the first pair and you would then put the same amount as your initial bet on the second card of the pair. You will then play two separate hands giving you double the odds of winning.

Doubling down – The original rule is that if you are dealt a total of 9, 10 or 11 between your first 2 cards dealt, you can then opt to double your intial bet and receive 1 further card with the idea of getting a 10 to bring your total to 19, 20 or 21, giving you the chance of doubline your winnings. As with any gambling, there is always the chance that you won’t turn over the card you need so while these options are giving you the possibility of doubling your pot, it’s always a risk.

Make sure you take full advantage of any extras you are eligible for on best online blackjack Canada

When opting to play online casino, always make yourself familiar with what promotions are available to you. Some promotions may be specifically aimed towards slots to give you a higher chance of getting the jackpot, some sites may offer you varying bonuses depending on the size of the deposit you make, some pay direct you towards online roulette but as with any online gambling, it’s always advantageous to have a good look around the site you are on to get the most promotions with your betting. All casinos try to create the Vegas feeling wherever you are. By providing you with an app on whatever device you are using, you can take your game wherever you go. You are simply one click away from connecting to a live dealer with online blackjack and proving time and again that you have the blackjack strategy to beat the house. Always play the demo first, any online casino worth it’s salt with always offer you a good support and help network as well. A free casino is always the best place to learn all your needs for any online casino and give you the information you need.

Whichever online casino you choose you know you can play in the privacy of your own home, you play as little or as often as you please, just click on the app, enter the site and away you go. Some casino’s will offer you the choice to download the platform you are playing off or to play online with no download, the only decision you need to make is which game to play.

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